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Optional 60-Key Expansion Console

for IVX X-Class • E-Class (IVX/IP) • IVX S-Class

When your business grows, your ESI phone system expands with it — and, to help you handle all those extensions more easily, ESI also offers the 60-Key Expansion Console. It connects quickly to the ESI 48-Key Feature Phone (on X-Class, E-Class, and S-Class models) and gives you these benefits:

  • Easy to use — Lets your operators transfer calls to any extension with just a keystroke.
  • Powerful — Adds 60 more programmable feature keys to the 30 already on an ESI 48-Key Feature Phone, giving the user a total of 90 such keys.
  • Easy to understand — As does each ESI Feature Phone, uses tri-color LEDs to show the simultaneous status of all extensions programmed into the soft feature keys.
  • Versatile — Combines with an ESI 48-Key Feature Phone for any extension.
  • Compact footprint — Takes up little valuable workspace, especially since it has a convenient four-position base (to match the ESI 48-Key Feature Phone’s).


ESI 48 Key Feature Phone and 60 Button Expansion Console