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The Phone System That Does It All For All Types Of Small Business                                                           
For small businesses like yours, the Strata DK14 & DK40i digital business telephone systems offer a solution that fits your needs. Configuration flexibility allows a variety of combinations of CO lines, telephones, and peripheral devices to be connected to your system.

The revolutionary "building block" design of Strata DK systems lets you start small and add on as your business grows. The Strata DK14 provides capacity for up to 4 CO lines, 8 digital telephones, and 2 analog station ports for faxes, voice mail, etc. The Strata DK40i provides capacity for up to 12 CO lines and 28 telephones including many combinations of digital and analog stations. With the Strata DK14 & DK40i systems, you can grow and expand to meet your changing needs easily and cost effectively.

Strata DK systems incorporate the latest technological advances into the friendliest user interface possible, making this the one system that will definitely improve your company's communications, efficiency, and productivity for years to come.

Keep Your Return On Investment Growing

With the Strata DK14 and DK40i you've got a solid plan for cost-effective growth, controlling operational costs, and increasing productivity.

Modular Growth
The Strata DK revolutionary "building block" modular approach to growth and expansion is a cost-saving breakthrough, enabling businesses to upgrade performance and capacity without significant capital outlays.

Migration and Compatibility
The Strata DK family of systems incorporates a complete migration philosophy. This allows you to reuse telephones from smaller Strata DK14 and DK40i systems throughout the entire Strata DK product line, including the largest Strata DK424.

Cost Saving Features
Strata DK systems offer a variety of features designed to make your business more efficient and profitable by helping you control costs and better manage your operation. For example, it can provide concise, easy-to-understand information on every incoming and outgoing call, to help you manage your business more effectively and enable you to make cost-saving procedural and staffing adjustments. It helps make client billing easier, can restrict long-distance toll access, helps route calls over your least costly CO line or long distance carrier line, connects to high speed digital services including ISDN, and can even eliminate technician reprogramming when you move a telephone from one location to another.

Variety Of Telephones To Meet Your Requirements
Toshiba digital telephones are available in two colors, and a variety of 10 - and 20 - button handsfree or LCD speakerphone configurations. A 900 MHz cordless digital telephone with LCD display and message waiting indication, and a PC digital telephone that brings telephone capabilities to your personal computer are also available. This enables you to match the telephone to the application. For specialized answering, we offer an add-on module, DSS console, and a door phone. The Strata DK14 and DK40i allow your people to make more efficient use of their telephones and take full advantage of the system's capabilities, improving communication among your employees as well as with your customers.

Complex Features Made Simple
Sophisticated features don't help if your people won't us them because they're too complicated or cumbersome. That's why we designed Strata DK systems with the actual user in mind. For example, LCD feature prompting makes feature access and use easier by displaying simple, clear instructions on the telephone's LCD screen. This reduces training time and makes sophisticated features less intimidating.

And, for the features your employees use most often, user programmable buttons can automatically perform sequences of feature operation at the touch of a button, saving time on every call.

Productivity Expanding Features

 Add Options When You Need Them
The Strata DK14 and DK40i let you add optional features individually at any time, so you get the exact level of performance your business requires - no more and no less,. By tailing the system to your company's individual needs, you're assured maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

From ISDN access (DK40i only) to exernal call forwarding, Strata DK systems deliver sophisiticated, powerful options that enhance internal and external communication.

Whether your business requires Caller ID, Computer Telephony Integration, Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, or other advanced functions, the Strata DK14 and DK40i offer the right features and options for almost any size or type of small business operation.

Overall System Features


Digital Telephones



LCD Features



Station Features



Data Features


*Note: Some feature implementation may require auxiliary equipment