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Toshiba Stratagy DK and Stratagy Flash                                                              



Now more than ever, businesses depend on advanced telecommunications equipment to help them manage their operations and be successful. As a recognized leader in voice processing systems, Toshiba is dedicated to providing its customers with telecommunication solutions that meet the changing demands of today's small to large business environments.


The Stratagy system from Toshiba is an affordable voice processing system that delivers exceptional performance and flexible, easy-to-use features. By putting the power of the Stratagy system to work for you, your company will improve employee efficiency, effectiveness, and overall company responsiveness. It puts an end to missed calls, a missed messages and missed opportunities, enhancing customer service and internal communications. Some Stratagy systems offer fax integration capabilities, such as Fax Back, Fax on Demand and Fax Mail that enable you to provide customers with information about your company immediately while actually saving you time and money. Which ever Stratagy system you choose, you'll realize significant cost savings while improving productivity.


How well your operation handles each and every incoming call determines how your company is perceived by the customers, clients and suppliers you depend on to be successful. The Stratagy system assists you in managing your incoming calls effectively by providing your customers with the immediate attention, responsiveness and access they demand. With its sophisticated call processing and voice mail capabilities, the Stratagy system gives your callers the helpful, user-friendly features and options they need. In addition to leaving a private message if their party is unavailable, the caller has a choice to hold or be automatically sent to a designated live assistant who can help them. Best of all, these and other choices are flexibly scheduled for around the clock operation.


How effectively your employees communicate can be just as important as how they communicate with your customers. With the Stratagy system, your people will be able to create, send, receive, review and save voice messages from any tone-dialing telephone. They can even attach comments to a message and forward it to another mailbox within the system. So whether they're in the office or out in the field, the Stratagy system allows them to communicate effectively with each other and your customer--24-hours a day, 365 days a year. By giving your employees a more efficient way to communicate, the Stratagy system makes any organization run smoother and more efficiently.


Stratagy gives you several complete systems to choose from, all developed by Toshiba. Since Stratagy is extremely flexible and expandable, it can easily meet your needs. And because the Stratagy voice processing system is from a single manufacturer, upgrades and improvements can usually be incorporated into your existing system quickly and inexpensively. Stratagy systems may be integrated with Toshiba telephone systems, as well as non-Toshiba telephone systems. And because the Stratagy is from Toshiba, you can count on its quality and reliability for years to come.

stratagies - solutionsTHE TOSHIBA TRADITION

Toshiba has become the 18th largest company in the world by supplying companies with superior telephone equipment like the Stratagy system. The Stratagy voice processing system, like every business telecommunications product we design, manufacture and sell, is engineered to meet our exacting standards for quality, reliability and performance. With over $54 billion in annual sales worldwide, we've become a recognized leader in high-quality voice processing systems that companies can depend on to help them be successful in today's ever-changing, competitive business environment.



To be successful, your people need a complete telecommunications strategy that meets all of their communications needs. In addition to a telephone system, voice processing is an integral link necessary for any comprehensive telecommunications program. The Stratagy DK adds new functionality to our Strata DK telephone systems by seamlessly integrating voice processing capabilities on a single PC-card, making it the simple, cost-effective solution.


A breakthrough in design and engineering, the Stratagy DK provides your employees and customers with powerful, easy-to-use voice processing features--all at the push of a button. They can create, send, receive, review and send messages from any tone-dialing telephone anytime, anywhere. Attach comments to messages and forward them to another mail box within the Stratagy DK system. They can even leave system-wide messages, so everyone on your team stays up to speed. Best of all, the Stratagy DK's voice processing features are easy to learn and use. With voice processing, customer service is enhanced, while communications become more efficient and timely, as well. The result? Improved productivity and profits..


The Stratagy DK incorporates all of its voice processing capabilities on a single card, so it's simple to install. And because it requires no external connections, the Stratagy DK delivers faster performance and enhanced reliability. There's no need for standard telephone ports, outside cabling or a separate battery back-up. Your entire telecommunications system is contained within your Strata DK telephone system, without the purchase of new, expensive, external hardware.


Designed specifically for the Strata DK telephone system, the Stratagy DK creates an all-digital telephone and voice processing system that provides benefits no other system can equal. Its integration of telephone and voice processing functions, without an analog interface, enables the Stratagy DK to deliver more precise functionality and improved reliability. This seamless integration also means faster, more efficient call transfers, without the frustrating pauses and delays you may find with other systems. And because your telecommunication system is from a single manufacturer, upgrades and improvements can usually be incorporated into your existing system quickly and inexpensively.



In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, businesses with lower call volumes need the same level of communication efficiency as large corporations. Stratagy Flash delivers the cost-effective solution, providing the crucial benefits of powerful voice processing – without requiring the major investment involved with a complex system. Stratagy Flash is available in 2 or 4-port configurations, so it can easily adapt to your communication needs as they grow.


Toshiba values the need and importance of always providing state-of-the-art technologies and innovations. Stratagy Flash is yet another example of this continued commitment. Stratagy Flash features leading edge flash memory and Year 2000 compliance, ensuring the highest data integrity and system reliability into the next millennium.



The advanced technology, reliability and affordability of Stratagy Flash is exactly what you expect from Toshiba, a recognized leader in voice processing systems. Like all of our larger Stratagy voice processing systems and other telecommunication products, Stratagy Flash is backed by our global resources and our proven reputation for providing top quality solutions at the best value.

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Stratagy Flash and IVP8     Download a brochure (pdf)


Stratagy iES32                    Download a brochure (pdf)


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Active Voice Lingo & Lingo XL


Lingo is the voice messaging system for organizations that have between 10 and 100 employees who frequently use the telephone. Developed by Active Voice, the world's leading manufacturer of PC-based voice processing systems, Lingo is easy to use and it has the flexibility and power to fit into any work environment.

Active Voice Lingo Voice MailsOrganizations can begin using Lingo almost immediately. A designated system manager assigns the voice mailboxes, records the opening greeting, establishes the system schedule, and chooses a number of initial options. Individual subscribers within the company then set up their own voice mailboxes. And Lingo is ready to go.

Lingo is available in two models, Lingo and Lingo XL. Lingo can expand from 2- to 4-ports and from 2 to 4 hours of storage. Lingo XL, our hard disk version of Lingo, can expand from 4- to 6- to 8-ports, all which come with 72 hours of storage. Please note that Lingo cannot upgrade to Lingo XL.


Lingo is a powerful communications tool at an affordable price. Active Voice designed Lingo to provide feature-rich voice mail without breaking an organization's communications budget. We've put a lot of power and sophistication into one small, easy-to-use product. Lingo's features can be divided into two general categories: voice mail and automated attendant.


Detailed information about Lingo & Lingo XL's features.
Download the Lingo General Description now. (PDF 93K)
Download the Lingo XL General Description now. (PDF 93K)


Learn how Lingo or Lingo XL can help your business communicate better.
Download the Lingo Customer Guide now. (PDF 157K)
Download the Lingo XL Customer Guide now. (PDF 157K)

To view these files, simply download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Active Voice Repartee VP and CTI


Repartee combines voice mail, automated attendant, audiotext, and fax detect, route, and notify into a completely integrated business solution that will help you communicate more effectively with the people who matter most to your business -- your customers and fellow employees.


With Repartee CTI, you can access and address important communications from any touchtone telephone in the world, and you can manage live telephone traffic and all types of messages visually right on your PC screen.

Computer Telephone Integration, or CTI, is a modern solution for a modern problem: Information Overload. Coordinating faxes, e-mail, voice mail messages, and personal information managers (PIM's) is a formidable task faced by the United States' 70 million "knowledge workers."

TeLANophy®, a suite of applications for Repartee CTI, lets users manage messages and telephone calls on screen through Microsoft Windows. Using a universal mailbox that users can access via a networked computer or telephone, our integrations offer complete control of voice, fax, and e-mail messages.

Learn more:

Repartee CTI Brochure (PDF, 728K)
Repartee CTI Data Sheet (PDF, 69K)
Repartee CTI General Description (PDF 1MB)


Repartee VP gives you state-of-the-art voice messaging features at an affordable price and is the foundation on which you can build your business communications solution. Whether you add employees or decide to enhance your system with powerful desktop computer telephony applications, Repartee VP can easily grow and expand to meet your needs.

Learn more:

Repartee VP Brochure (PDF, 173K)
Repartee VP Data Sheet (PDF, 75K)
Repartee VP General Description (PDF, 75K)

To view these files, simply download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Ultimate Call Accounting


Manage single or multi-site operations. Utilize e-mail, TCP/IP networks and Ultimate! Computer Technology Tools to present reports whenever or whereever needed. Ultimate! integrates with 150 brands of phone systems supporting more that 200 dealers representing more than 400 locations nationwide.

Simplify Cost Allocation and Billing :


Ultimate! Call Accounting enables you to provide the current billing status at any time.
This is very important when it comes to telling hotel guests, hospital patients, or
Clients how much they owe in telephone costs.


Improve Productivity with Ultimate! :


Ultimate! Call Accounting can give you the facts you need to improve
the productivity of employees, departments, and the company as a whole.


Eliminate Caller Abuse / Misuse :


Ultimate! Call Accounting can help you save money and increase productivity by identifying different kinds of telephone abuse and misuse.

Visit the Ultimate Web Site


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