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    IP Feature Phone Brochure (PDF) ESI Remote IP Feature Phone  

A fully featured office phone that doesnít have to be installed in an office: itís a great idea. Itís ESIís Remote IP Feature Phone.

The Remote IP Feature Phone can be installed just about anywhere. And it truly is a regular extension on your ESI X-Class or E-Class phone system. So, whether youíre operating a field office or working out of the one you live in, ESIís Remote IP Feature Phone gives you all of the great features of your officeís IP-enabled ESI phone system anywhere you have a suitable broadband connection* to the office phone system; the Remote IP Feature Phone does the rest.

This page focuses on the advantages that ESIís amazing Remote IP Feature Phone uniquely provides. For more details on the particular ESI system with which you intend to use this product, please see the X-Class or E-Class section of the ESI Web site. And the Remote IP Feature Phone brochure gives you even more details on this amazing product.

Remote IP Feature Phone setup diagram


* Certain minimum high-speed connection and carrier standards required. See your ESI Reseller for more details.