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The Phone System That Does It All For All Types Of Small Business
 Whether your business is small or large, the Strata DK424 offers a solution that fits your needs. Its advanced universal slot architecture provides maximum configuration flexibility allowing almost any combination of CO lines, telephones, and peripherals.

Its revolutionary "building block" design lets you start small with a one cabinet system that provides capacity for 16 CO lines and 32 telephones, and grow to a seven cabinet system that provides capacity for 200 CO lines or 336 telephones. You can even locate the expansion cabinets remotely from the base cabinet, connected by fiber optic cables, to meet the needs of a distributed configuration. With the Strata DK424, you can grow and expand to meet your changing needs easily and cost-effectively.

The Strata DK424 incorporates the latest technological advances into the friendliest user interface possible, making this the one system that will definitely improve your company’s communications, efficiency, and productivity.

Keep Your Return On Investment Growing

With the Strata DK424 you've got a solid plan for cost-effective growth, controlling operational costs, and increasing productivity.

Modular Growth
The Strata DK424’s revolutionary "building block" modular approach to growth and expansion is a cost-saving breakthrough, enabling businesses to upgrade performance and capacity without significant capital outlays.

Migration and Compatibility
The Strata DK424 incorporates a complete migration philosophy, allowing you to reuse telephones from smaller and/or older Strata DK systems throughout the entire Strata DK product line.

Cost Saving Features
The Strata DK424 offers a variety of features designed to make your business more efficient and profitable by helping you control costs and better manage your operation. For example, it can provide concise, easy-to-understand information on every incoming and outgoing call, enabling you to make cost-saving procedural and staffing adjustments. It helps make client billing easier, can restrict long-distance toll access, routes calls over your least cost CO line or long distance carrier, connects to high speed digital services including ISDN, routes inter-branch calls over the Internet or a private intranet producing toll charge savings, eliminates technician reprogramming when you move a telephone from one location to another, and allows off-site service personnel to alter system programming and test hardware from remote locations.

Variety Of Telephones To Meet Your Requirements
Toshiba digital telephones are available in two colors, and a variety of 10 and 20 button speakerphone or LCD configurations, including a 900 MHz cordless digital telephone, and Strata AirLink wireless telephone, allowing you to match the telephone to the application. For specialized answering, we offer an add-on module, DSS console, attendant console with color CRT display, and a door phone. The Strata DK424 allows your people to make more efficient use of their telephones and take full advantage of the system’s capabilities, improving communication among your employees as well as with your customers.

Complex Features Made Simple
Sophisticated features don’t help if your people won’t use them because they’re too complicated or cumbersome. That’s why we designed the Strata DK424 with the end user in mind. For example, LCD feature prompting makes feature access and use easier by displaying simple, clear instructions on the telephone’s LCD screen. This reduces training time and makes sophisticated features less intimidating.

And, for the features your employees use most often, user programmable buttons can automatically perform sequences of feature operation at the touch of a button, saving time on every call.


Productivity Expanding Features

 Add Options When You Need Them
The Strata DK424 lets you add optional features individually at any time, so you get the exact level of performance your business requires - no more and no less. By tailoring the system to your company’s individual needs, you’re assured maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

From ISDN access to external call forwarding, the Strata DK424 delivers sophisticated, powerful options that enhance internal and external communication.

Whether your business requires Caller ID, Computer Telephony Integration, T1, Voice mail/Auto Attendant, Voice over IP, advanced ACD/MIS functions, or battery backup and power failure transfer to keep your system functioning during a commercial AC power outage, the Strata DK424 offers the right features and options for almost any size or type of operation. Click on links above for more information on these features.


Toshiba's Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution enables you to increase productivity, enhance customer service and reduce costs by combining the capabilities of your Strata DK digital telephone system with the custom functionality of Windows' applications. With CTI, your telephone and computer work together to provide these revolutionary benefits:

Caller Identification
You'll be fully prepared to respond when you answer calls. The system passes the caller's telephone number to your computer via Automatic Number Identification (ANI) or Calling Line Identification (CLID) provided by your telephone company. Vital caller information from your database appears on-screen while your telephone rings, and during the call.

Called Number Identification
With each call, information is displayed from the telephone system and/or from the computer application based upon the number dialed by the caller (DID or DNIS).

Automated Dialing of Outgoing Calls
Simply point and click any phone number in your computer database or Personal Information Manager (PIM). Your telephone then dials the call-- a must for maximizing the productivity of outbound telemarketing.

Toshiba also offers CTI products specifically designed for Strata DK digital business telephone systems

Total telecommunication efficiency with Toshiba's PC Digital Telephone
This innovative Windows application enables you to make and receive calls on your computer, and perform many productivity-boosting telephone operations.

Process a heavy volume of incoming calls quickly with Toshiba's PC Attendant Console
This Windows application's streamlined functions can be efficiently operated from the keyboard or by clicking on screen icons and buttons.

Stratagy DK voice processing system provides a fully integrated solution
This system is designed on a single printed circuit board that installs inside the Strata DK telephone system.

Simply put, CTI gives you the crucial ability to determine who is calling, plus how calls should be routed and answered. Just as important, you can view detailed caller information from your database. Toshiba's CTI solution provides the flexibility you need to maximize the benefits of this integrated technology.

All Toshiba Strata DK digital telephone systems support CTI applications using the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) - the interface standard adopted by both the computer software and telephone industries.

Customize Powerful CTI Solutions

StrataLink Adds Call Control Flexibility
What's more, we've enhanced the basic TAPI interface with StrataLink software, enabling you to customize the call-control functions of your PC application with many value-added capabilities:

Choose how your PC application responds to each call event
With StrataLink, you can determine call-handling rules and conditions, enabling you to customize how your application works.

Handle Multiple Calls
Unlike typical TAPI-compatible applications that accept only one call at a time. StrataLink processes multiple call events that capture Caller ID and generate screen displays. StrataLink even generates screen displays on transferred calls and when reconnecting to calls on-hold. Plus, you can delay the screen display while you're handling another call.

Strata Link screen shotHandle multiple PC applications from the same telephone.
StrataLink activates specific responses in different applications, based on each call type. You can generate customer database screen displays on your regular directory number calls. View "help desk" applications on ACD calls. Display Caller ID on your pager when you're away from your desk. Even program different applications to operate on specific-or all-telephone buttons. Your options are limitless!

Perform outbound calling and call control from your PC application.

monitor applications image
Easy setup, testing, and monitoring
StrataLink's advanced tools simplify interface testing, debugging, call-event monitoring, and setup of applications. Just select from pre-defined tested applications-the proper interface is automatically assigned.

Toshiba Ultimate Communicator Applications

PC Phone Desktop Software
The Toshiba Ultimate Communicator is a PC phone desktop software product that provides many useful features such as answering machine functions, basic attendant console operation, screen pops with contact manager software, and more. The Toshiba Ultimate Communicator is used in conjunction with a Toshiba desktop digital telephone to provide additional functionality and value.

Packaged Applications
The Toshiba Ultimate Communicator contains several pre-packaged applications that can be selected and activated as part of the standard product

Custom Applications
Custom applications can also be developed by Ultimate Software Products, Inc., Toshiba's software development partner. This includes customer-specified application development, and support for developers who create their own applications.

CTI Solutions That Grow With Your Needs

Today's advanced PC technology makes CTI affordable for every business, large or small. Best of all, you can start by adding CTI to the desktops of key personnel only, then cost-effectively expand CTI throughout your company as needed.

Together, your Strata DK telephone system and CTI offer proven solutions that can dramatically improve your inbound/outbound sales, customer service, technical support, and other mission-critical call operations- and reduce your costs.


Automatic Call Distribution


The key to managing a successful call center is maximizing available resources and agent productivity. A Toshiba ACD/MIS package can provide you with the management tools and operational overview you need to run your center at optimum efficiency. The ACD portion of the system ensures that incoming calls are distributed evenly, so agent productivity is maintained at a high level, and inbound callers are handled efficiently. The MIS portion of the system allows you to monitor your operation on a real time basis. You know what's happening right now, at a glance. You can monitor traffic. Measure agent productivity. Isolate problem areas. Reallocate resources as the situation demands. Plus, variable alarms allow you to react to potential problems the minute they arise. The system can also compile historic reports that will enable you to make informed decisions concerning your call center operation.

A Toshiba ACD/MIS call center system is the fastest and easiest way to simplify your management tasks, improve agent productivity and increase customer service. But most of all, a Toshiba ACD/MIS system can help you cut costs by ensuring your staffing meets, but does not exceed, your call level needs, and that each individual agent is efficient and productive. The Toshiba ACD/MIS system ... it allows you to do more, with less, and makes the most of what you have.

Automatic Call Distribution
The Toshiba Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature delivers powerful call processing capabilities that can make any business more successful. By utilizing ACD, your people will be able to handle a high volume of incoming calls more efficiently and effectively, improving overall productivity. ACD can also alleviate call bottlenecks, enable you to streamline your operation, aid operations management, and enhance your company's image by improving customer service. Even more importantly, it can make a big difference where it counts the most - your bottom line.

Maximize Agent Productivity
Automatic Call Distribution manages incoming calls by answering them on a "first-come, first- served" basis. Agents answer them either on a "most-idle-first" or "next-available-first" basis. This ensures that calls are evenly distributed over an answering group while maximizing agent productivity. ACD also allows overflow calls to be automatically directed to another call answering group whenever necessary. With the optional MIS, the system even provides you with detailed reports on individual agent call handling patterns and performance. With its exceptional call handling and monitoring capabilities, ACD will help you increase profits by allowing you to maximize agent productivity and allocate resources more effectively.

Exceptional Capacity - Powerful Flexibility
Toshiba's ACD feature provides sufficient capacity for a wide variety of application environments. Agents can log in or out of the system at any station, providing the flexibility you need in an active workplace. It can even be programmed to give agents a predetermined time between calls to complete paperwork. Agents can also request supervisory help with the push of a single button. And whenever the number of calls waiting exceeds a preset threshold, Toshiba's ACD feature alerts the designated group supervisor, so that other agents can be directed to help answer the waiting calls.
Connectivity That Works For You
When used in conjunction with LCD phones, agents and managers can have instant access to the number of calls waiting in queue for a group. ACD gives you the power to handle ACD only applications, as well as the flexibility to support integrated telephone system-ACD applications with departmental call centers. It can also be used with either Toshiba's proprietary digital telephones with feature button functionality or with standard DTMF station sets. And when connected to an optional Toshiba MIS system, you'll also receive on-line status displays and invaluable historical reports that further enhance operational efficiency, productivity and performance.
The Total Call Processing Solution
The exceptional features, performance and unsurpassed benefits of Toshiba's ACD call processing feature makes it ideal for a wide variety of businesses and inbound call centers. From customer service groups to inbound telemarketing firms, in-house travel agencies to human resource departments, ACD streamlines, manages and improves every facet of inbound call handling. Whether you need to handle a large volume of incoming calls, improve customer service by responding to every call in a more timely manner, or increase revenues by maximizing operational efficiency, utilizing Toshiba's ACD feature offers the total solution for your call processing needs.

Management Information System (MIS) Options
In addition to the ACD system, an optional Management Information System (MIS) can be used to provide enhanced supervisory monitoring of ACD activity via CRT screen displays and to generate printed reports on call statistics and agent performance. Toshiba offers MIS products that are ideal for use with ACD applications.

Customize as Your Call Center Management Needs Grow

Toshiba call center management solutions provide long-term cost effectiveness and flexibility by enabling you to add ACD/MIS management features as your business grows.

The combination of Call Center Viewer and either SMIS, Insight DK, or Insight DK Plus enables you to add ACD supervisory display and reporting capabilities as you need them. The Call Center Viewer application can work in conjunction with SMIS, Insight DK, or Insight DK Plus to provide the ideal solution for call centers needing historical reports, real-time displays, electronic wall board messaging, and LAN-based PC display messaging of call center ACD activity.


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