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Class: Item :

280-70* Telephone Cables and Wires, Single and Multiconductor, Clad Steel and Copper
280-95* Wire and Cable (Not Otherwise Classified)
725-15* Communications Systems, Integrated (Includes Telephone, Clock,
Intercom, etc.)
725-23* Fiber Optics Cables, Interconnecting Components, and Accessories
725-28* High Volume, Call Answering Telephone Systems (See 725-53 for Low
Volume Equipment)
725-53* Telephone Dialing and Answering Apparatus
725-55* Telephone Equipment and Piece Parts (Not Lines or Otherwise Listed)
725-56* Telephone Systems (2-60 Stations), Electronic Key and 1A2
725-57* Telephone Systems (Over 60 Stations)
725-58* Telecommunicators and/or Display Terminals (For The Hearing and
Speech Impaired)
725-59* Telecommunication Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
725-62* Telephone Switchboards
725-95* Recycled Communications Equipment (Including Batteries, Radios,
Telephones, Telecommunication Equipment, etc.)
803-92* Telephony Equipment, Accessories and Supplies 
915-49* High Volume, Telephone Call Answering Services (See 915-05 for Low
Volume Services)
915-51* Information Highway Electronic Services (Internet, World Wide Web,
915-76* Telephone Services Includes Installation, Moves, Changes, Adds,
Programming, Removal, Training, etc. (To Include Pay Telephones)
915-77* Telephone Services, Long Distance and Local (Including 800, Telex
and Watts Services)
915-79* Telecommunication Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
915-93* Voice Mail Services
915-97* Wiring Services, Data/Voice
985-69* Radio and Telecommunications Equipment and Accessory Rental or
Lease (Including Radio Towers)

Maintenance, Repair, and Support Plan

Reliant Communications, Inc is a customer service oriented privately owned small business. We will do our best to meet your needs in product services and support. Normal business hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday thru Friday. Technician's are available 24/7, in case of emergency. Reliant Communications, Inc warrants all equipment, parts and labor against defects for a period of "one year" from the date of installation. This warranty is limited to defects in the equipment and workmanship under normal and proper use of service. This warranty shall be considered void if the system is repaired or altered by anyone other than Reliant Communications, Inc or its representatives. Reliant Communications, Inc shall have no liability or responsibility to the customer or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by telecommunications equipment or systems sold by Reliant Communications, Inc including but not limited to any interruption of service, loss of business or anticipatory profits or consequential damages resulting from the use or operation of such telecommunications equipment or systems. Damage caused by Customer, by normal operation, or by any other influence not directly related to the work performed by Reliant Communications, Inc. will be excluded from this warranty. Such excluded repairs or replacements requested by Customer may be performed on an hourly basis at Reliant Communications, Inc's prevailing rate at time of request.

Statement of Guarantee:

Reliant Communications, Inc will make available equivalent replacement parts for all products sold to the state for at least 3 years after product is discontinued.