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Five-Year Extended Warranty

The best phone systems for small business
also have the best warranty —
including ESI’s exclusive advance replacement

ESI proudly offers an optional Five-Year Extended Warranty for its IVX X-Class, E-Class (IVX/IP), and IVX S-Class phone systems. The Five-Year Extended Warranty gives customers an affordable way to include added protection of their investment. This warranty is available as an option only at the original purchase date of equipment.

As the name implies, the Five-Year Extended Warranty option extends ESI’s standard one-year warranty to five full years. This warranty is easy to use and provides added value when purchasing ESI products.

A key feature of the Five-Year Extended Warranty is something that only ESI does: advance replacement. Let’s say you have a ESI phone system, covered by the warranty, that needs a repair. If this were another manufacturer’s warranty, you might expect to be “down” for days — because the dealer would have to pull out the malfunctioning system and wouldn’t get its replacement until the manufacturer had received the bad unit.

But, thanks to ESI’s advance replacement, your ESI Reseller simply orders a replacement unit (if he doesn’t have one in stock), receives it from ESI on the next business day and then, in the same visit to your location, removes the malfunctioning unit and replaces it with the fresh replacement. As you can see, ESI’s Five-Year Extended Warranty with exclusive advance replacement significantly minimizes down-time. That’s a benefit any business can use.

Some other highlights of this new warranty include:

The Five-Year Extended Warranty means you can enjoy extra peace of mind, knowing your ESI products are covered.