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Ever wish it could be simpler — not to mention cheaper — for the people at your various locations to talk to each other? Ever wished also that this could occur without your people losing the special features that your phone system has?

Wish no more. Because, now, there’s Esi-Link from ESI.

ESI’s exciting new Esi-Link (“easy-link”) technology helps you unite your team members, whether they’re a street, a city or a country apart. Esi-Link uses your WAN or the Internet to join together up to 100 compatible ESI phone systems into one interconnected, IP-based system. While ESI isn’t the first company to offer a multi-site solution, it is the first to offer one that unites the many advantages of multi-site communications with the unique, high-performance features of ESI phone systems.

As the name implies, Esi-Link is amazingly easy to use. For just one example: let’s say you want to call an extension at another one of your locations. Up to now, you’d have had to make a regular phone call (and run up the charges associated with that). But, with an Esi-Link-enabled ESI phone system, simply press one key to get dial tone from that office, and then dial the extension just as you would if it were right down the hall, instead of miles away — perhaps even thousands of miles away. And this all happens over your data network; so, if you have additional lines (especially expensive dedicated phone lines), it’s even easier on your bottom line than it is to use.