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ESI IVX Phone Systems:



This is the page to locate all information on the ESI line of telephone systems, user guides, pictures of the actual telephones, manufacturer information, and links to the ESI Web-Site.


Toshiba Phone Systems: Use this link to access our Toshiba inventory, user guides, pictures of the actual phones, and various documents.


Tadiran Phone Systems: Here you will find Tadiran/Coral phones and equipment that we carry.


  Voicemail & Call

Accounting Software:

We offer several options in Voicemail Systems which will be found here along with user guides and system administrator guides. Also look to this page for Call Accounting Software Solutions available.


Technical Support: In need of Technical Support on any of the above listed Systems? We offer 24 hour support available 7 days a week. Technical Support is available on both End-User and Installer Levels. Follow this link for more detailed information.


Wire and Cabling:

Whether you are needing a new construction or existing site wired, we can offer you a high quality, well planned job at very reasonable cost. One of our specialties is renovating wiring closets that have over the years become disaster areas......We would love to help it make sense again for you. We can offer a free survey and then schedule an after hours appointment (if needed) for the repair so you will incur minimal downtime. We are BICSI certified cable installers and have years of experience in voice, data, as well as audio/video and fiber installation. Our low overhead allows us to offer you low prices without sacrificing quality. Give us a call, let us do a survey and offer you a bid. We feel Reliant will be the perfect choice for your new wiring or retrofit.


Lease Options: We offer several financing options on both new and refurbished equipment. Should you need an upgrade on your system don't let upfront costs hold you back. For any questions about financing or lease options please email Ramon at..... rrendon@reliant-communications.com 


Equipment Buy-back: We buy some used phones and equipment that is still in working condition. Should we not have a need for a particular brand, we will be glad to list it and help you make the sale.


Referrals: Should you have a phone system we can not program, or a network issue that is beyond our means, we will refer to you a vendor with experience in that particular area that you can trust to resolve the issue at a fair price. We will also keep in touch with you to make sure everything is on-track and meeting your expectations. We are here to help you.


System Relocation: If you are planning to move to new offices, your voice and data systems need to be moved as well. Our staff will assist you with all phases of moving your systems. We will plan the move with you, and then handle each step of the relocation. One of our Project Coordinators will oversee the removal and installation of all equipment, and will insure that all telephone sets are placed and programmed to your satisfaction. Contact your Account Representative or a Customer Care Representative for all your telecommunications and network systems needs.


Local and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) Connectivity: With the convergence of voice and data networks it becomes very important to have extensive knowledge of both. At Reliant Communications we have this knowledge and understanding of how to implement and maintain these converged networks. This knowledge only comes with years of experience which we have and is passed on through the work that we do. We have implemented many LANs / WANs for our customers using the products we sell.

DSL, ADSL, T1, High-speed Broadband installation. Server, Network, Firewall, Workstation, installation and configuration.