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Various Toshiba User Guides


Toshiba Telephones, Photos and Info



Toshiba offers a productivity-enhancing telephone solution to meet your specific needs, no matter what size or type of business you have. Just as important, the full line of Toshiba telephones provide a strong solution to meeting your changing telecommunication needs as your business grows. And all Toshiba telephones are compatible with all Toshiba systems, even if you upgrade to a larger system. All of which fully protects your investment in Toshiba digital telephones. Plus, proven Toshiba quality and reliability are built into every telephone. Each model is rigorously tested in real-world conditions, so you can depend on your Toshiba digital telephone system's performance day-in and day-out.

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Toshiba CTX Telephone System

The Strata family of digital business telephone systems is a market leader in providing innovative telecommunication solutions to your business needs. With advanced features and modular growth, the Strata CTX can be configured as a Key, Hybrid, or PBX telephone system, providing you the ultimate in feature operation and configuration flexibility. No matter what your company's size and requirements, Toshiba has the right telecommunication system for you.
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Toshiba DK 40 and DK 14

           DK 14 & 40


Today's telecommunications technology is so powerful and so affordable that a small business can now use exactly the same communication methods as a large company. Features like voicemail, ISDN, Automatic Call Distribution, Computer Telephony Integration and even Video Conferencing are no longer expensive options just for big corporations.

With Toshiba's DK40 System you could start to use all these features straight away. In communications there need to be no difference between a small business and a large one.

The Toshiba DK40 is a comprehensive telecom solution for small and medium businesses, providing facility for 24 extensions using analogue, ISDN2 or ISDN30 exchange lines.

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Toshiba DK 424



Whether your business is small or large, the Strata DK424 offers a solution that fits your needs. Its advanced universal slot architecture provides maximum configuration flexibility allowing almost any combination of CO lines, telephones, and peripherals.

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Various User Guides in PDF

Digital Phone User Guide (pdf)

DK Administration Guide (pdf)

DK 14, 40, 424 Administrator Guide (pdf)

CIX User Guide (pdf)

CTX DK 2000 & 3000 User Guide (pdf)