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Toshiba StratagyVoicemail Setup Directions

** as programmed by Reliant Communications


  • Dial the voicemail pilot number (usually 300)**

  • Your mailbox user I.D. is your extension number

  • Your security code is initially set at 1234 **

  • You can bypass someone's greeting by pressing ##

  • To back up one menu -- press 9

  • To return to the main menu -- press 999

  • To hang up from voicemail -- press 999#

To set up voicemail for the first time:

  1. Dial the voicemail extension -- 300 **

  2. Enter * plus your personal I.D. (your extension #)

  3. Enter your security code 1234 **

  4. Follow the tutorial

To change your personal greeting:

  1. Lift handset

  2. Dial the voicemail extension number (300) **

  3. Wait for voicemail to begin speaking

  4. Enter * then your extension number followed by the # key

  5. Enter your security code (1234) ** followed by the # key

  6. Press 3 to manage your mailbox

  7. Press 1 to change your greeting

  8. Press 1 to select greeting 1

  9. Press 2 to record greeting 1

             "Hello this is John Doe. I am unable to take your call at this time. Please leave

                a message at the tone and I will get back to you as soon as I can."


           Press 1 to listen to your new greeting OR

           Press 2 to re-record your greeting OR

           Press 999 to return to the "manage your mailbox menu"

  1. Press 2 to change your user options

  2. Press 3 to change your security code

           When prompted, enter your new security code then press the # key

           You will be prompted to enter your security code again, then press the # key

  1. Press 6 to record your Name and Extension number

             When prompted, record your First and Last name and extension, then press

              the # key. After recording you will be given several options, press 9 to save.




To retrieve voicemail messages while at your phone:

  1. Press MSG when flashing

  2. Voicemail will prompt for your security code

  3. Enter you security code plus the # key

  4. Press 1 to listen to your messages

To retrieve messages from another phone in your office:

  1. Dial intercom 300 **

  2. Wait for voicemail to begin speaking

  3. Enter * followed by your extension number

  4. Enter your security code

  5. Press 1 to listen to your messages

To retrieve voicemail messages from off-site:

  1. Call the main number and ask to be transferred to 300

            (Operator just hangs up after 300 is dialed)

  1. Wait for voicemail to began speaking

  2. Press the * key

  3. Enter your mailbox number (your extension number) followed by the # key

  4. Enter your security code, followed by the # key

  5. Press 1 to listen to your messages

To transfer an outside caller directly to someone's voicemail:

  1. Press CONF/TRNS key

  2. Enter 300 **

  3. Wait for voicemail to begin speaking

  4. Enter 9#

  5. Enter the co-workers extension number

  6. Hang up